Safety First: John Ray & Sons Implements New Propane Compliance Program

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 – Troy, NY: Today John Ray & Sons advanced their propane safety program and processes to increase the level of security for their customers’ homes and businesses.

A leader in the energy services industry, John Ray & Sons is the first company in the region to execute a new web-based tracking program that provides real-time customer safety documentation and follow-up reporting for the company’s propane risk management and compliance. The company is accountable for all local, state, and national safety codes and regulations as well as complying with industry best practices.

“Safety is our highest priority at John Ray & Sons, said Doug Ranaletto, General Manager. “This extra step in our customer service process ensures the safety and satisfaction of every customer. It allows us on-demand access to more comprehensive records for every customer and provides each of them an extra layer of protection for their home or business.”

The new technology allows John Ray & Sons technicians and service personnel to obtain, document, and report data from each inspection and create immediate reports for completed leak checks, safety inspections (gas check and pressure tests), cathodic protection inspections (NFPA 58 requirements), regulator date codes, DOT tank re-qualifications, OEM specifications, and more.

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