Residential Heating Oil Delivery & Service

All heating oil is not created equal.

While some companies deliver lower quality, discount heating oil, John Ray & Sons only delivers high-performance, clean-burning heating oil that ensures improved system reliability and greater fuel efficiency.

Quality matters most in everything we do, and it’s why we’ve kept generations of families cozy and warm for over a century.

We offer a variety of flexible budget, pre-pay, and ceiling plans.

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Plus, you can count on John Ray & Sons to make sure you get your heating oil safely and reliably when you need it. John Ray & Sons has one of the best-trained, most-seasoned fuel oil delivery teams in the region with a digitally dispatched fleet of more than 50 fuel delivery and service trucks so we can reach you quickly and efficiently.

We also provide sales, installation, and service of your home heating equipment to keep your HVAC system operating trouble-free at peak efficiency.

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Why folks are warming up to oil.

  • Oil heat is on average 16% more efficient than gas. Which means oil gives you more heat faster and cheaper.
  • Oil heat is up to 50% less expensive to operate than electric.
  • Oil is a safe, affordable heating fuel. Oil at room temperature will extinguish a flame as quickly and surely as water.
  • With modern heating equipment kept in proper repair, oil is every bit as clean as gas and electric.
  • Oil heat is not generated by nuclear power, nor does it generate nuclear waste.
  • Oil heat dealers are local – your neighbors. That means you’re just a phone call away from having a problem serviced. Gas and electric companies can’t begin to offer you this kind of service.  And because your oil dealer depends on you to stay in business, you can depend on your oil dealer.

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What Our Customers Are Saying …

“Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on fuel oil costs. We didn’t lock in and we are certainly glad that we did not. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.”

— Judi K., Wynantskill, NY

What Our Customers Are Saying …

“The employees have always been courteous and professional when I called the office or when they have been at my home.”

— M. Gother, Chatham, NY