Residential and commercial fuel storage tanks

John Ray & Sons offers a complete line of rugged, durable, safety-rated fuel tanks from Highland Tank and Roth to meet all your fuel storage requirements.

Highland Tank’s carbon or stainless steel fuel oil tanks are unmatched for their strength and structural integrity. These durable, cost-effective, lightweight, corrosion resistant heating oil tanks will be around for a long, long time. Beyond performance, steel has the highest overall recycling rate of any material. These fuel oil tank designs are available in double-wall construction.

Because Roth refuses to compromise on materials or construction, their double-wall fuel oil safety tanks exceed industry safety regulations and offer a unique combination of advantages, including:

  • Weld-free galvanized steel outer tanks
  • Seamless, weld-free, corrosion-resistant inner tanks
  • Pipe connections above the oil level
  • Small footprint
  • Removable base for easy accessibility
  • Best warranty in the industry

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Safety Note:
How old are your fuel delivery lines?  If they are buried, they may need to be replaced. View more detailed information.

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