Emergency services.

For immediate service, call 866-539-6327.

When you have a home comfort system emergency, you deserve the security and peace of mind of a well-established, dependable company who will always be there for you, 24/7 – whatever the weather! That can make all the difference when it’s 15 below outside and your furnace won’t start. Or when it’s hot and humid and the AC isn’t working properly.

We’ve got all your home service emergencies covered.
You can rely on your local John Ray team for emergency service and repairs on all your heating and home comfort systems and equipment, including:

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Water heaters
  • Natural gas heating systems
  • Propane heating systems
  • Fuel tanks
  • Central and ductless mini-split air conditioning systems
  • Backup generators

It always pays to be prepared, so before the winter weather hits, please keep the following in mind:

Making sure that you don’t miss a fuel delivery

  • Please clear your fill-pipe area so we can make your delivery.
  • If you are an automatic delivery customer, rest assured that we’ll be coming as scheduled!

Troubleshooting some common heating system problems.

Use these quick troubleshooting tips if you are experiencing some problems with your heating system:

  • Make sure the oil burner emergency switch is in the ‘ON’ position.
  • The thermostat temperature should be set above your room temperature.
  • Confirm that your circuit breaker is not tripped.
  • Push the oil burner reset button (only once) – pushing the reset button more than one time could create an unsafe condition.

You can rely on us for the emergency services you need to keep your home comfort systems up and running – all year round.