Ethanol-free high-performance gasoline

Many gas-powered engines, including classic cars, motorcycles, lawn equipment, snowblowers, marine vehicles, snowmobiles, and more, can experience adverse issues from ethanol-blended fuel (E10 gasoline).

Why? Because ethanol attracts and absorbs water causing phase separation.

Phase separation occurs when the ethanol blended into the fuel absorbs enough water to separate from the gasoline and settle at the bottom of the tank. This water/ethanol mix will not burn and lowers the octane level of the gas resulting in decreased fuel efficiency, engine problems, rough starts, and lower performance.

In addition, for small engines that are used periodically and those who need to store gasoline for extended periods of time, the chemical properties of ethanol are destructive to rubber, fiberglass, plastic, and other composite parts of the fuel system and engine. This may result in carburetor damage, clogging and/or plugging of fuel injectors, and ignition failure.

Having trouble getting your small engine started? Experiencing operating diffiiculty? Lack of acceleration? Stalling at low speeds?

Resolve your engine performance problems with PitStop Ethanol-Free Premium Gasoline.

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