Bioheat® fuel

Bioheat fuel is a cleaner, sustainable, renewable, affordable fuel that can be used in existing heating systems, and we are now delivering it to residential and commercial customers.*

What is Bioheat fuel?

  • Bioheat fuel is a blend of renewable biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil and more eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating fuel and natural gas.
  • It is a simple choice and smart solution that results in a better heating fuel option that helps reduce carbon emissions to protect the environment.
  • It is safe, clean, sustainable, affordable, renewable and available to customers.

Does Bioheat fuel work in any heating system?

  • Bioheat fuel can be used in any oil-fired boiler or furnace.
  • There is no need for new equipment, system modifications or costly replacements and it produces the same heat as any system using heating oil.

Is Bioheat fuel more expensive than regular heating oil?

  • The cost of a traditional gallon of heating oil versus a gallon of heating oil that is blended with biodiesel is comparable in price but just like regular heating oil, pricing can fluctuate daily.

Reducing your carbon footprint and living a greener lifestyle is easier than ever with our Bioheat fuel options and we’re ready to help do it! For more information, please give us a call.

*Bioheat® delivered up to a B20 blend. Availability is contingent upon Bioheat supplies and storage facilities.

Benefits of Bioheat
  • Burns cleaner
  • Reduces particulate matter (soot)
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable
  • Lower emissions
  • Supports US economy