John Ray & Sons Introduces Bioheating Oil – A Cleaner-Burning Energy Alternative

Monday, May 21, 2007 – John Ray & Sons, one of the oldest fuel suppliers in the Capital Region, is now offering bioheating oil to residential and commercial consumers of oil heat.

Bioheating oil is a blend of petroleum-based oil and a renewable plant-based oil, such as that derived from soybeans. Because it reduces sulfur, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide emissions, it is better for the environment and public health.

“We introduced biodiesel fuel in 2006. Offering bioheating oil was a logical next step for us,” said President Ken Ray. “Many people are concerned about protecting the environment and are looking for a renewable alternative to conventional heating oil. Our bioheating oil gives consumers an environmentally sound choice.”

The bioheating oil offered by John Ray & Sons is a blend of 5% soybean oil, a biodegradable oil made from soybean crops grown in the United States, and 95% petroleum-based heating oil. Soybean oil is a domestically produced, renewable crop and its use reduces reliance on foreign oil.

“It’s simple to convert to bioheating oil,” noted Mr. Ray. “Any oil-fired heating system will accept the changeover to bioheat fuel without modification.” Because bioheating oil burns cleaner and is naturally lubricating, it is also beneficial to a heating system’s performance.

Mr. Ray, the third generation in his family to own and operate the business, said “We pride ourselves on prompt, knowledgeable service and delivery. Because we perceived a growing demand for this more sustainable, cleaner-burning energy option, we established a reliable source to meet the needs of current and new customers.”

To learn more about bioheating oil, visit the company’s web site at or call 518.272.4432.

Established in 1904 in Troy as an ice delivery service, John Ray & Sons has evolved through the years as times have changed – delivering ice, coal, wood, kerosene, diesel fuel, heating oil, propane, biodiesel, and bioheat fuel to residential and commercial customers throughout the Capital Region.

Known for its service and innovative products, the company offers:
• Reliable delivery of fuel oil and propane
• 24-hour emergency service
• Comprehensive service plans
• Custom-designed home comfort systems
• Heating and cooling system installation
• Propane tank installation/set-up and monitoring
• Propane fill stations
• Bioheating oil and biodiesel fuel

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