Is it time to replace your furnace or boiler?

Answer these questions to find out if you should upgrade your existing home heating system.

1. Is your furnace or boiler over 15 years old?
Chances are it may be a good investment to replace older, less-efficient units with today’s high-tech models. Today’s systems are up to 40% more efficient than units manufactured as little as ten years ago and the substantial savings on utility costs provide an excellent return on your investment.

For example, if your current system is only achieving 65% efficiency, a high-efficiency upgrade could provide significant savings. Say you use 900 gallons per year. If you upgrade to an 87% efficiency unit, you could save about 230 gallons of oil per year – a savings of 25%.

2. Are you repairing your heating unit more frequently?
As your furnace ages, nominal repairs are normal. However, as they approach the last few years of their lives, they may need more frequent repairs. Weigh how much you are paying for repairs. It may be a good time to upgrade to a cost-saving, energy-efficient model.

3. Is your furnace or boiler noisy?
If your furnace is overly loud, it may be that it’s just an old model. Or, as time goes on, parts may become loose, the metal will wear down, and the process of heating your whole home becomes more demanding for the heating unit itself. Today’s new high-technology units provide the maximum in energy efficiency while delivering luxury-level comfort and quiet operation.

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