How old are your heating oil feed lines?

Are your heating oil delivery lines leaking?

If you look in your basement, you will see a line running from your oil tank to your boiler or furnace. This line carries the oil from one to the other and may be buried beneath concrete basement floors or run overhead. These lines are generally made of copper, brass or iron. Newer, modern lines will have a plastic coating protecting the metal line.

Metal delivery feed lines can corrode and degrade when they come in direct contact with soil or concrete causing leaks. Fuel delivery line breaks may also occur when there is shifting or settling in a home’s foundation or basement floor. These leaks can be dangerous because you cannot see them and they may continue undetected for many years.

Why upgrade to a protected (sleeved) delivery line?

Undiscovered leaking oil feed lines can result in environmental and property damage, and subsequently, lower home and property values.

When home heating oil leaks out of a buried delivery line, it begins to saturate the soil beneath the house and may affect the groundwater. Drinking, breathing, or coming into contact with contaminated water, air, or soil can be dangerous to you and your family’s health.

You can remove the risk of corrosion and physical damage by upgrading your delivery line to one in a protective non-metallic coating.

Contact John Ray & Sons for an evaluation and/or upgrade for your fuel oil feed line.

NOTE: You should check with your insurer to see whether or not your policy covers losses from leaking tank systems and environmental cleanups.

Paying a little now may save a lot later.

Investing a small amount of money now by having your home heating oil feed line upgraded to a protected (sleeved) line can prevent leaks, sparing you the cost of lost fuel, cleanup, and a decrease in property value.

Contact John Ray & Sons if you have any safety questions or would like an in-home evaluation.

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