Choosing a heating oil company: Low price can mean less service.

Let’s face it, we all like a bargain. However, it’s also true that often the bargain price you pay doesn’t always translate to the best quality. The same is true when choosing a heating oil company. A discount, lower price heating oil provider may seem like a bargain, but are you really getting the oil company with all of the services that you truly need? A full-service heating oil company will provide you with all those services, along with total peace of mind.

When making the choice of the best heating oil company for you, always consider the following:

Do they provide 24/7 service? In any weather? Full-service heating oil companies normally do. Discount oil companies often have no service after hours, on weekends or holidays.

Do they give you a choice of pricing and payment plans? Unlike discount oil providers who often offer just one plan, full-service companies normally provide you with a choice of pricing and/or payment plans to help you with your budget, including:

  • Variable plans with prices that adjust to market conditions, offer no minimum time commitment but don’t protect your price.
  • Ceiling plans that set a limit on how much oil prices will fluctuate during the year, setting a cap that the price won’t go over. If the market oil price drops, your price also drops. They normally require a time commitment and contract.
  • Budget payment plans to help spread winter oil costs over a year, normally in 10 to 12 equal monthly payments, based on your previous heating oil use.

Has the company ever run out of oil? Most full-service oil companies have not and always have a store of supplies at the ready. A discount oil company’s supply may be affected by demand for that supply, particularly during bad weather or long cold spell in the winter months. If they have no oil supply, you won’t get a delivery.

Do they have the technicians and support team that you really need? And are they available when you need them? Discount oil companies tend to have less technicians and support. Some even use third party companies for service issues. Full-service heating oil providers usually have a team of highly trained technicians on-hand to deal with repairs or service issues fast.

What service plans do they offer? Will you get the coverage that you really need? Discount oil companies may not provide a service plan and if so, it may not be very comprehensive. Full-service heating oil companies tend to have options for service plans, to suit your needs and fit your budget.

It always pays to research all of your options when before choosing a home heating oil provider but by asking the above questions, you’ll be able to quickly figure out which company is best for you to get the services and support that you need to provide total peace of mind.

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