5 winter safety tips for heating oil and propane customers

Here are five quick tips to help keep you safe and warm through the winter months:

  1. Don’t let your heating oil or propane supply run low before any forecasted winter storms as roads may become inaccessible for delivery. Consider automatic delivery, which allows us to monitor your usage and deliver fuel as you need it. Never worry about running out again.
  2. If you have an in-ground tank, clearly mark the fill pipes for our fuel oil delivery drivers. A thin wire stake with a colored flag inserted into the ground next to the fill pipe works well. Make sure it is higher than the average snow cover depth.
  3. For above-ground outdoor tanks, large amounts of snow or ice sliding from roofs may cause damage to heating fuel lines. Please try to clear snow or ice buildup from the areas above your fuel lines and tanks to limit the chance of damage.
  4. If your fuel tank is located behind your home, make sure any fence gates can be opened and there is a clear path for deliveries. A heating oil delivery hose can weigh over 150 pounds. Clearing excess snow and ice before the delivery driver arrives helps to ensure safety as well as an on-time delivery.
  5. After a winter storm, check outdoor fuel tanks for damage. Call us immediately if you suspect there has been any damage and/or hazards exist. Do not attempt repairs yourself.

Contact us if you have any additional questions.

(Sourced from the Energy Communications Council)

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