Paygo (Pay-As-You-GO)

Paygo, a new way to buy your heating oil or propane.

Exclusively for John Ray & Sons' automatic delivery customers.

Paygo lets you take charge of your heating oil or propane bills. Paygo is a new payment program where you will be billed just like your other utilities: Your monthly bill will reflect only the amount of fuel you've actually used during that month.*Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/Paygo-Logo.jpg

1. Pay after you use your fuel, not on the day it is delivered.
Paygo allows you to hold onto your money longer, and pay for it as you use - just like your other utility bills.

2. No sign-up or participation fees.
The Paygo payment program does not cost you anything extra - no participation fees or hidden delivery fees.

3. Never run out of heating oil or propane - guaranteed!
With Paygo, we track your fuel use so closely we guarantee you will never run out.*

4. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If you are not completely happy, and want to switch back to a budget plan for any reason, you are free to do that at any time by paying for the heating oil and/or propane that has already been delivered.

5. It's easy!

  • Current automatic delivery customers, sign up here.
  • New customers, please apply for an automatic delivery account here or call 272-4432 to have your account set up PRIOR to signing up for Paygo. Paygo is only available to customers who have existing automatic delivery accounts with John Ray & Sons.
  • Current will-call customers, please call 272-4432 to have your account upgraded to automatic delivery status.

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*For credit-qualified homeowners with 12-month automatic delivery contract. Requires minimum purchase of 300 gallons/year.