Inspect-N-Check Program

When was the last time you had your heating system checked?

  • Is your furnace or boiler over 15 years old?
  • Is it making odd or loud noises?
  • Has your air conditioner lost its "cool"?
  • How often are you calling for service or repair?
  • Do your utility bills always seem to be going up?

Save $50 on an HVAC Inspect-N-Check
If you haven't had your heating system serviced lately or are wondering what your next steps should be, call to schedule a quick, non-invasive Inspect-N-Check appointment. We'll provide an expert safety and efficiency review and evaluation of your HVAC system.

Our $99 Inspect-N-Check Program includes:

  • Check for Water and Oil Leaks
  • Check for Visible Corrosion
  • Exhaust Temperature Reading
  • Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Inspection (to determine tank integrity)
  • Combustion Efficiency
  • Check Condition of Humidifiers and Water Heaters/Tanks
  • Visual Review of Oil Lines and Piping
  • Provide List of Recommendations

Call today and save $50!
A $99 value for just $49!

And if you decide to upgrade, we will credit the entire service fee toward your new equipment purchase and installation.

We sell and service all makes and models of oil, propane, and natural gas HVAC systems.

Call 518-272-4432 or request an appointment online today.
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