Fuel for School Tuition Reward FAQs

Fuel for School Tuition Rewards Program offers points for college tuition.A few facts:

  • There is NO COST for a family to enroll.
  • 365+ member colleges nationwide now participate in Tuition Rewards.
  • More than 260,000 students are enrolled in Tuition Rewards.
  • Tuition Reward points are issued each year that you remain active.
  • The Tuition Reward scholarship has a maximum value of one full year's tuition and represents the minimum scholarship that a student will receive from a participating college.
  • The Tuition Reward program is only for private colleges and universities.
  • Children must be enrolled in the program by August 31 of the year that 11th grade begins.
  • Tuition Reward points must be allocated to students before August 31 of the year that 12th grade begins.
  • Tuition Reward points must be submited to the member colleges at the time of application. There is no limit to the number of colleges to which students may apply.
  • There is no maximum to the amount of Reward Points that a family can earn.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much can I save off a participating college's tuition?
    The maximum that schools are obligated to accept is 25% of the cost of tuition (based on freshman year tuition), spread equally over four, or five, years of undergraduate education. For example, if the "list price" of tuition for a school is $40,000 per year when your student matriculates, this means that your guaranteed minimum discount would be up to $10,000 per year (providing that you submitted at least 40,000 points to the school). These amounts are taken from the published list prices as shown in the Higher Education Directory each year. One point equals one dollar in tuition discounts.

  2. Why would colleges accept less than full tuition?
    Historically, colleges began offering financial aid on a need-only basis. But lately, as college costs have soared, a majority of private colleges now use "non-need" financial aid (scholarships, merit aid) as a method to attract quality students from middle and higher-income families. This aid is being offered as tuition reductions -- that is, discounts off the "list price" of tuition. Knowing this, SAGE has negotiated with member colleges to automatically present a financial reward to families who save for college.

  3. Will my Tuition Rewards ever expire?
    Tuition Rewards in a sponsor's account (as shown on the Account Statement page) will never expire. Unused Tuition Rewards left allocated to a student (i.e. in a student's account) will expire on August 31st three years after the year of high school graduation. Unused rewards should be moved back to the sponsor's account prior to the expiration date.

  4. Who can I "sponsor" in the Tuition Rewards Program to use the points I earn?
    You can sign up children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other family members (including great/grand relations, step, God, and adopted children) to use your Tuition Reward Points. You cannot sponsor students such as your neighbor's or co-worker's children where there is no family relationship.

  5. Is participation in SAGE a guarantee of admission into participating colleges?
    No, each school's normal admission's standards still apply.

  6. Can we still apply for other financial aid?
    Absolutely! The purpose of the Tuition Rewards Program is to insure that the student(s) you've sponsored will receive a scholarship at least equal to the size of his/her Tuition Rewards. He or she may receive more aid, but cannot receive less!

  7. What if my student receives a merit scholarship? How will this affect the Tuition Rewards?
    Tuition Rewards represent the minimum scholarship, spread evenly over four years, a participating student will receive if and when he/she attends a participating school. If your student receives a scholarship or other institutional aid from a member school, then the school can choose to "blend" (include) or "stack" (add on top) the Tuition Rewards with the other scholarship funds, grants or other discounts.

Still have more questions? Visit SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards website.